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The need for building permits are crucial in Edmonton, which is why our experts at Permit Masters will stand by your side to help you complete any building permit application forms that are required for your next project.

Edmonton is a thriving city filled with entertainment hubs, shopping destinations and countless career industries. As such, it should come as no surprise that this well-known city is a top place to live, for many Canadians and migrants alike.

In Edmonton, getting the right building permit application is a must. This will ensure that all the right requirements are met before your next building project begins.

Commercial Permits in Edmonton

If you are considering carrying out building works, extensions or further development on a commercial property, ensuring you have the correct development permit application for Edmonton’s requirements is the first step. Under the conditions of the city, permits aren’t optional – especially when it comes to more extensive building works. Having the right permit can make a huge difference between a successful project or one that will face some friction.

For both businesses and residences alike, adding a basement to a property is one of the most common cases for requiring a permit. For example, the City of Edmonton requires permits for basement work, which means it is best to apply for permits well before carrying out a project.

For commercial properties, getting it right the first time is even more essential. That way, you can ensure you’re on the right side of the City of Edmonton’s regulations and requirements. Getting a commercial basement permit in Edmonton is easier than you might think, especially when you consult a professional service to take the stress out of the process.

Residential Permits in Edmonton

Whether you are moving within Edmonton or are new to the city, purchasing property in need of a refresh or redevelopment is a common choice for both buyers and property developers alike.

Anyone looking to develop their property should have the correct basement development permit for Edmonton’s requirements. The first step is to complete an Edmonton-based building permit application form — that will ensure you’ll be ready to move forward.

To avoid disappointment and ensure the legality of your project, having your permit ready is non-negotiable. Whether you require a garage permit for your Edmonton home or are looking to expand in another area of your property, we’ll help you get the right permit in place to move forward.

When you contact Permit Masters, you’ll get the support of an expert team that understands the ins and outs of Edmonton’s permit requirements. Whether you require an Edmonton basement renovation permit or permission to expand on another area of your home, we have you covered. Residential properties often hold specific requirements under city regulation — however, if you have everything above board, there’s nothing to fear!

Why Trust Permit Masters in Edmonton?

As experts at what we do, Permit Masters are the ideal team to choose when it comes to meeting the specific requirements for Edmonton’s permits and basement needs, as well as any other form of renovations you may be looking to carry out. As specialists on permit applications in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto areas, we know our stuff when it comes to getting the right permissions.


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Whether you are a commercial or residential property owner, we take the stress out of the renovation process and allow you to get on with what’s most important. Permits don’t have to be a hindrance to your upcoming works. With our expert knowledge and regulations know-how, you’ll soon be on track to refresh your property and expand your space in next to no time.

Contact us today by phone or by filling out our online form to find out why our permit services might be just what you’re looking for. When it comes to property permits, we’re the masters!

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Why choose Permit Masters?

We are confident that Permit Masters is the best company to assist you with your design and permit process. Our confidence comes from the successful completion of thousands of projects just like yours. Here is why:

We make it simple

The design, permitting and construction process can be complex and time consuming. Years of dedication and hard work have allowed us to make the design and permitting process simple for our client.

We are a reputable company

Our reputation for providing quality services and sound advice precedes us. One project at a time, we have built our reputation within the industry and with various municipalities. We have even provided successful advice to municipalities looking to improve their own approval process.

We have a proven track record

With over 3,000 home improvements projects, we have built an unmatched knowledge base that can provide you with the support you need to design and plan your project.

We have an experienced and professional team

All our project managers are qualified professionals. Our dedicated team of architectural technologists, designers and urban planners have all helped hundreds of clients achieve their goals.

We have great design expertise

Not surprising that with extensive experience comes great skills. Our project managers can guide you through the design process with confidence and ensure that the design outcome meets all the regulations applicable to your project.

You will have one point of contact

Once your project starts, you will be assigned a project manager with the proper qualifications and experience. This one point of contact will take you through the process one step at a time.

We’re flexible and cost-effective

Because we are a small company with a dozen project managers, we’re also responsive, flexible and agile. We can adapt and respond to your needs with the speed, efficiency and cost-effectiveness that other companies just can’t match.

We have a time conscientious team

Not only can you expect phone calls and emails returned quickly, but your project manager will also keep you updated with each step of the process. We also know that quality drawings and a complete permit submission package will get you to the finish line more effectively.

We have an excellent success rate

In fact, our success rate is above 99%. When reviewing a new project, we identify the potential issues and provide you with alternatives and solutions. We always have a fair approach with our clients; if we don’t think something is achievable, we will not drag you into a long costly process.

What is a Building Permit?

A building permit is one that allows the construction of a building or structure to move forward on the condition that it addresses and is in compliance with the building code of a city, town or county. A building permit is necessary when any construction, relocation, alteration, demolition or repair is taking place on a property. In some instance, some buildings and structures are exempt, such as...

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What is a Development Permit?

A development permit provides permission for a specific type of development to take place on a site. The permit can be for any development such as the construction of a new house or the change of use of a commercial space from a retail use to a restaurant. The review process ensures that the proposed development meets the regulation of the local Land Use Bylaw (Zoning). For example, the developmen...

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