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3 drawings you need to obtain a deck permit

May 6, 2016 / Permit Pointers

Requirements for a deck permit vary from city to city, but the majority of the  drawings needed for a deck permit are the same. Ultimately, the application forms and the drawings are there to demonstrate the compliance to the Zoning/Bylaw and the Building Code.

Here are 3 requirements for a Deck Permit:

First, you will require a Site Plan. The site plan should be created using a survey plan to ensure that the dimensions between the deck and the property lines are accurate. The goal of the site plan is to show that the deck complies to all setback and lot coverage requirements.

Second, you will need a Deck Plan. The deck plan will illustrate the detail dimensions of the deck and the construction outline such as the size and direction of the joist and beam.

Third, you will require a Cross Section of the deck. This will show the height of the deck, the railing height, and also the depth of the piles (footings). Like the other drawings, the Cross Section is aimed at illustrating compliance. In this case, structure (footings) and safety (railings)  compliance are the two main components.

Make sure that what is shown on the drawings actually meets the building code and the zoning/bylaw or else the city will reject your deck permit application and you will need to line up again with the amended drawings.

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