We often read stories of an entrepreneur who created a million dollar idea over a couple of beers with friends or the feel good story of a eureka moment that translated into an overnight success. Not so for Permit Masters.

Our Story

Our success has come over time as the result of a strong demand. Because we are professional Urban Planners, our friends knew that we understood the world of development and regulatory approvals. More often than not, we would be asked by our friends, and friends of friends, to help resolve homeowner issues.


This increasing demand could not be ignored. After reflection, we committed to develop the procedures and strategies needed to offer these services to the larger market… and so Permit Masters began. From the start, we knew this business model would represent a shift in how people perceive the world of construction and building development. It has been amazing to see how such a small and simple idea has changed an industry that has been stagnant for years.

Something you should know

After helping thousands of businesses and homeowners, you would think that we would have seen it all. Wrong! A week does not go by without a permit challenge presenting itself. Although the majority of our work is for home renovations, additions, decks, garages, and for new businesses, we also have the pleasure to work on some wacky projects that you might just not believe. Here are a few out-of-the-ordinary permits we have worked on for our clients:

• Approval to build a 10’ high cat fence (who knew they had to be that high?)

• Approval to build a ping pong centre for an aspiring world champion.

• Approval for an event celebrating ancient gods with an early morning 5 a.m. parade.

• Approval to build a salt room. Not to store salt, but MADE of salt.


We are also proud to have had the privilege to assist organizations with great causes such as the Food Bank, the Mustard Seed and the many group homes providing assistance to those in need.