In 2010 our CEO, Bryan Romanesky, set in motion a plan to offer homeowners, contractors and the construction industry a solution to simplify and improve the design and permitting process. The level of complexity and rise of local red tape has made the process for designing and permitting home improvements a costly and lengthy nightmare. 

Our team of urban planners and designers first started in Calgary where they spent 2 years refining our processes. After 8 years in Calgary and over 2000 successful home improvement projects, we have developed an expertise unmatched by the industry.

A few years later, we expanded to Edmonton and Vancouver and built a strong team able to achieve the same success.

This year, after numerous requests from the local industry, we are starting an office in the greater Toronto area. 

Being able to offer great value, faster results and consistent outcomes to our clients are our main goals. Our presence from Toronto to Vancouver will provide us the opportunity to share successes with the industry and continue our mission to provide access to great professional  services.

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