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For those considering taking on a home improvement project in Calgary, it is a important to apply for a building permit before starting work — which is where Permit Masters can help. With careful planning and expert advice from our team, permit requirements certainly don’t have to slow down any building works you may have planned.

The City of Calgary is considered to be one of the top cities in the world for liveability. The zoning and building code provide the support to ensure safety and the ability to develop beautiful communities. When it comes to home and  tenant improvements in Calgary, it should come as no surprise  that all renovations and building works need to be completed within the requirements of the building code and the zoning bylaw.

Residential Permits in Calgary

With low population density and plentiful housing, Calgary is a prime place to live in Canada. This makes it a particularly appealing location for both families and property developers alike. This also means that the city has defined a range of different Calgary-based building permits that have been designed to meet residential requirements.

Whether you recently purchased a home or you are ready to renovate, if wish to carry out a renovation you will need a Calgary building permit and possibly a Calgary development permit do so. Permits are a must when starting home renovations of any shape and size.

By working with professionals that have in-depth knowledge of Calgary’s development and building permit applications, you can ensure that your next project will be carried out with no obstacles in your way. Putting permits in place ahead of time is key to a smooth development process, whether you require a permit for one residential project or multiple.

Commercial Permits in Calgary

From large-scale office buildings to small stores in Calgary, development permit applications are a requirement for commercial property owners looking to transform an existing building or expand upon a space. Calgary-based permits for basement development have also become increasingly common for renovations that are expanding into space below commercial properties, as well as renovation permits for improving and reworking older buildings.

As is the case with many cities, Calgary has stringent requirements for permits. Failure to adhere to the information stipulated on a Calgary building permit application form can lead to stopped or slowed work.

If you are considering Calgary for your next commercial property, understanding the right permit requirements will make undergoing your next project a much smoother experience. Choosing to work with our experts in Calgary’s permit system can provide you with freedom and peace of mind, allowing you to build your commercial vision alongside reliable advisors and without fear of any legal issues down the line.

Some common Calgary building permits in Calgary:

Egress window permit
Basement renovation permit
Home renovation permit

Why Trust Permit Masters in Calgary?

Why go with the professionals when it comes to building permits for both residential and commercial properties in the Calgary area?

At Permit Masters, we are well-versed in all requirements of Calgary’s building permit application forms, allowing us to provide high-quality insight and guidance to ensure every part of your project is above-board. Whether you are considering a full-on redevelopment of a property or are simply looking for a smaller fix (such as a City of Calgary-based window permit), our team at Permit Masters has the unique expertise to get the job done for you.

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