Basement Building Permit


Basement Building Permit

When you undertake the development of your basement project, you have to deal with a lot of details from selecting materials, finding contractors, managing costs, and of course, obtaining the proper building permits. Permit Masters offers a simple and affordable basement building permit solution to homeowners and contractors. Let us deal with the approvals of your basement building permit so you do not have to do it. We will prepare the appropriate plans and obtain the proper approval on your behalf so you can focus on your renovation.

Did you know that Permit Masters works on hundreds of designs and basement building permit applications for home improvement every year?

With years of experience and hundreds of home improvement projects under our belt, you no longer have to worry. Our designers will assist you with the design and provide advice on how to maximize your basement project.

Even if the renovation or construction is completed, we can help

If you have already completed the renovation of your basement, Permit Masters has the expertise to obtain the permit retroactively. With our team, not only you will be able to obtain the basement building permit after the fact but you will not have  to open the walls for inspections.

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