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Adding square footage is one of the best value-added decisions to your real estate investment. Not only does it create value, but it also allows you to improve your lifestyle while living in your property.

As it relates to city development, an addition consists of work being done to add living space to an existing building. The addition can either be in the front of the property, the back of the property or it can even be the addition of a bonus room on the second floor of your building.

Why Might I Start an Additions Project?

Extending a property is a great way to breathe new life into it and increase its value. Whether you want to add a garage, a sun room, space for a new kitchen or anything else, building an addition onto your home can be a more affordable alternative to relocating. When you take on an additions project, you can make all of the right modifications to your home as opposed to looking for a new home to meet your needs.

The best candidates for an addition are homes with plenty of yard space to be converted. Detached or semi-detached is ideal, though not absolutely necessary to be able to add more square footage. The investment can increase the overall value of your home, meaning that you get to have control over the design to make it meet all of your criteria.

It is also an excellent way to get more from your property, which means that anyone looking to upsize by selling should definitely give some thought to an addition.

Do I Need An Additions Project Permit?

Yes, you need an additions project permit.

When homes are built, they will have been given specific approvals to build a property to meet a certain design specification. There could be reasons for that particular spec — perhaps the ground it is built on is unable to support a larger building or maybe adding additional constructions might impede a neighbour’s view of their surroundings. Whatever the reasons, the existing property will have been given approval without your proposed home addition house plans.

If you intend to introduce an addition to the existing structure, there will need to be official checks of your home addition blueprints to ensure it is safe and appropriate for the area. There also needs to be an opportunity for others in the neighbourhood to see the plans and raise any concerns they might have about the addition.

Essentially, it is a legal requirement to obtain a permit for any additions project — which means that the home additions permit process is essential. If you seek to undertake an addition without approval, you do so illegally and could face serious consequences. As such, no reputable builders will execute your home addition house plans if you aren’t able to demonstrate that you have full approval for the addition.

How Can Permit Masters Help?

The home addition permit process can be extremely challenging for anyone. There are many people who may be affected by the proposed addition, which means there may be a lot of red tape to cut through in order to gain approval. If you lack experience in this process but attempt to go it alone, you are likely to encounter problems at various stages, which can certainly impede your progress. At worst, it can stop your project in its tracks before it has even begun.

We have years of experience and thousands of success stories about getting home addition blueprints through their city’s permit process. Our professional project managers can take the burden from you, including handling all the phone calls and paperwork on your behalf whilst maintaining contact with you and consulting you on every decision that needs to be made.

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With Permit Masters on your side, the process of getting a permit is streamlined and efficient — meaning there is less stress for you and a far greater chance of getting approval for your next project. We are passionate about making this complicated, stressful process as easy as possible for our clients. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today!

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