4 tips to remember for sunroom projects

August 19, 2016 / Permit Pointers

Permit Masters wants to help clients with their sunroom projects this summer. For some helpful tips, we consulted our in-house sunroom expert and project manager, Dennise. Dennise has been with Permit Masters for over 4 years and has numerous successful sunroom projects under her belt. Dennise is the go-to  expert for sunroom suppliers and homeowners.

Here are Dennise’s 4 tips to consider when planning sunroom projects.

Tip #1: Always get your permits before you begin building! It’s true for all projects, but, sunroom projects are considerably more difficult to legalize after the fact. As sunrooms are often pre-fabricated, reverse engineering can be problematic.

Tip #2: Be aware of your design in relation to the building code and zoning bylaws. Realistically, the 5 star design you dreamed of may not be acceptable in your neighbourhood. Before putting pen to paper, reach out to city hall and educate yourself with the requirements of the zoning applicable to your property. Call us and we will gladly provide you direction at no cost.

Tip #3: Obviously, sunrooms have a lot of windows to take full advantage of the sun exposure. However, sunrooms still have to meet the maximum glazing for fire protection which means you may have to move your sunroom away from your neighbours and your property line.

Tip #4: A sunroom is considered an addition and this can increase the complexity and the requirements. You may require both a Sunroom Development Permit and a Sunroom Building Permit which would increase the timeline to obtain proper permits. This also means that the sunroom may be limited by regulations such as the maximum lot coverage and setbacks. These requirements are well-known to our team at Permit Masters and are taken into consideration during our design and drafting process.

Our team at Permit Masters has extensive knowledge of the current zoning bylaws and Building Code Requirements. A quick call to us can save time and headaches.

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