What is a development permit and a building permit

April 22, 2016 / Permit Pointers

Let’s just start by saying that a Development Permit is not the same as a building permit. Both permit processes have a very specific set a rules to meet. The Development Permit is reviewed against the rules of a Land Use Bylaw (zoning) and the Building Permit is reviewed against the rules of the Building Code.

Development Permit

A development permit provides permission for a specific type of development to take place on a site. The permit can be for any development such as the construction of a new house or the change of use of a commercial space from a retail use to a restaurant. The review process ensures that the propose development meets the regulation of the local Land Use Bylaw (Zoning). For example, the development may have height limits, minimum parking requirements, proper setback from the property lines, maximum lot coverage or specific rules on the architecture of the proposal. Development Permits are not always required and the trigger may vary depending on the rules of the local Land Use Bylaw (Zoning). The approval may include conditions such as the payment for sidewalk improvements or upgrades to the water/sewer services. Once approved, the proposed development can proceed according to the permit conditions and drawing specifications. In most cases, a building permit is required prior to the development proceeding.

Building Permit

A building permit is one that allows the construction of a building or structure to move forward on the condition that it addresses and is in compliance with the building code of a city, town or county. A building permit is necessary when any construction, relocation, alteration, demolition or repair is taking place on a property. In some instance, some buildings and structures are exempt, such as accessory building or repairs not altering the structure of a property. Once applied for, building permits are reviewed under the requirement of the Building Code to ensure that the project is in compliance with things, such as minimum window size, structural stability, height of the railing, etc. Following the approval, inspection will take place during the construction process to ensure that the work is carried out according to the approval.

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