I’m not sure if I need a permit

“Do I need a permit?” is, by far, the most common question asked by our clients. The answer is not always simple, but, here are some clarifications:

First of all, there are two types of permit: Development Permits and Building Permits.

A Development Permit ensures that you meet the rules of the land use bylaw (zoning). It dictates some conditions regarding the allowed use of the property, the intensity of that use, the building height, the building site coverage, the setbacks from the property lines and other buildings and parking requirements.

A Building Permit ensures that your construction will comply to the building code which addresses building and fire safety. This permit dictates how the construction will be built.

When do I need a Development Permit?

A development permit may be required if you are planning the following:

Construct a new building, in residential, industrial or commercial zoning

Alter an existing building

Change the use of a building

Construct an accessory building

Construct a secondary suite

Apply for a discretionary use

Erect a temporary structure


When is a Building Permit Required ?

A building permit is required if you are planning the following:

Construction of a new building

Alteration and repair of a building

Relocation and demolition of a building

Change of use of a building.

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