Why You Need to Perform an Energy Audit

February 28, 2017 / Permit Pointers

With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement of the “national floor price” for carbon pricing comes many questions around taxes for carbon emissions in both private residences and businesses in Canada. The last thing you want to do as either a home or business owner is to be surprised by your unknown carbon footprint. To increase the energy efficiency of your home or business, it’s important to take the necessary steps to obtain a formal energy audit.

An energy audit is designed to determine where, when and how energy is being used in your home or business, and where you can increase your energy efficiency. Regardless of whether you’re purchasing a new home, remodeling a space, or looking for ways to reduce your energy costs – an energy audit is the most effective way to determine your home’s energy health.

To find a reputable energy auditor, try contacting your local government or your energy company. They may either be able to provide the assessment, or recommend a reputable auditor. Once you do make an appointment be sure that your auditor has good references, and that they will do a thermographic inspection for optimal accuracy.

There are a few things you can do on your own to reduce your carbon footprint even before your energy audit. If you’re taking on a home remodel, be sure you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure optimal insulation and energy efficiency. If you are just looking for new ways to reduce your carbon footprint try taking shorter showers or turning off the water when you don’t need it, like when you’re brushing your teeth or scrubbing dishes. You should also unplug appliances you don’t use regularly or use power bars for entertainment centers.

An energy auditor will give you very specific improvements you can make to your property to be sure you are being as energy efficient as possible to not only reduce your carbon footprint and prevent climate change, but to save money on your energy expenses.